Height calculation from levelling

Line and area levelling
In Example 2 the determined new point is checked by continuing the measurement to a second benchmark BM 2, the height of which is known (of course, alternatively to the first benchmark BM 1 can also be measured back). This makes it possible to calculate the deviation (misclosure), which will be evenly distributed across the turning points after the height is corrected. The error evaluation in the second table provides an overview.

Also the allowable misclosure may be calculated using the formula x * √s (s=length of the levelling section in km). (German) construction related literature gives different values for x, i.e. 10 or 15. You can choose between 5, 10 and 15. This value, however, depends on the individual problem and can be lower for higher accuracy requirements. For the calculation activate relative checkbox and enter the values for x and s in the next step. If the resulting allowable misclosure is exceeded, the corresponding value is highlighted in red, i.e. the measurement must be repeated. If the value falls below this value, it is highlighted in green.
Example 2
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